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Hellenic Post (ELTA) is a strong group of companies, providing Greek citizens with modern high quality postal services at affordable prices. It was founded in 1828, almost simultaneously with the foundation of the Greek State, through a presidential decree issued by Ioannis Kapodistrias. Since 1996 it operates as a SA ('ELTA SA'). Hellenic Post is the leader of the Greek postal market and the universal service provider. According to the 'Postal Services, Electronic Communications and Other Provisions' Law, Hellenic Post undertakes the obligation of providing universal services for a period of 15 years (until 31/12/2028). This means that we offer high quality services at affordable prices to all citizens and businesses in all parts of Greece. We deliver this universal service through the largest retail network in Greece with more than 1,500 access points. In Hellenic Post, we focus on satisfying our customer's needs: this means a focus on innovation, on using to the full the opportunities created by new cmputerised technologies, and on bringing forward new products and services to meet our customer's changing needs. This has enabled us to build a very strong and long-lasting relationship of trust with customers. Over recent years, we have met all the quality standards for the distribution of domestic and international lettermail required by the Greek Postal regulator (EETT) and by the International Post Corporation.
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