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GAMPOST has a long, rich, and proud history, dating back almost 150 years to 1858 when the British introduced international postal services in The Gambia. Domestic mail services started in 1922, with the introduction of the 'Prince of Wales', the traveling Post Office boat. The present Department of Posts was created in 1976, when the former Department of Posts and Telecommunications, which was responsible for both domestic postal and telecommunications services, was split into two separate departments. In 1984, the Government commissioned a study on the creation of an autonomous postal service. The outcome of the study showed that the time was not right for the postal service to change its status. An update of the study was carried out in 2004 / 5 which showed the post could be a viable entity if the right structures are put in place. The recommendation was accepted by Government culminating in the passage of Gambia Postal Services Corporation (GAMPOST ) Act by the National Assembly in December 2005.
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