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On 21st December 2006, the Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo J.S.C. celebrated the 47th anniversary of foundation. The Post, Telephone and Telegraph of Kosovo were established in 1959 under a Decision no. 1115497/1-1959 of the Steering Council of Yugoslavian PTT Communion. At that time, postal services were infeasible whereas the Telephony and Telegraphy of Kosovo as well as international connections were almost inoperative. After 6 years of efforts, PTK has established following three business units: Post of Kosovo, Telecom of Kosovo, and Vala mobile network operator. These three business units of the PTK are licensed by the Kosovo Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. On 29 June 2005, PTK was transformed into a joint-stock-company under the new name of PTK J.S.C. PTK J.S.C. has actually a five years business plan with an investment of 550 million euros.
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