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Ipostel summarizes the history of official mail in Venezuela. Body under the Ministry of Popular Power for Telecommunications and Information Technology, its status autonomous institute was granted by law published in the Official Gazette of Venezuela, 28 January 1978 therefore Ipostel up today to 30 years of services. By law, is currently the regulator for granting concessions to allow, to private companies providing public postal service; a condition that will change, due to the eventual adoption of the new Law on Postal Services, approved in first reading (2002), by the National Assembly of the Republic, which delimits the roles of regulator and service provider. Internationally, Ipostel actively participates as a member of the Universal Postal Union UPU and is one of the Administrations Postal Operations Council, CEP / UPU. Ipostel offers the widest coverage of the Venezuelan postal service; more than 300 offices in the most diverse parts of the country and 2197 postmen distributed nationally, to ensure timely delivery at the points where the competition fails.
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