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Uzbekistan Post Supported
The postal service of Uzbekistan is an expanded postal net with postal routes, which is used to receive, handle and deliver postal items, state pensions and periodicals. The country national postal net is organized by Open Joint-Stock Company 'Uzbekiston Pochtasi' according to the geographical principle. It includes 14 regional divisions, which are structured in 177 country and city centres, 2986 post offices (2296 rural) and 1 specialized branch – 'Halkaro Pochtamt' also 34 air routes, 2 railway route, 436 automobile routes, providing the regular conveyance of postal items. Open Joint-Stock Company 'Uzbekiston Pochtasi' is the national post operator of Uzbekistan. It provides the exchange of post office items of different types with all countries of the world and fulfills the republic's commitments to UPU.
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  • V#*********UZ
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