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PE Post of Serbia was founded in 1990. pursuant to Law on communications as a company in charge of PE Post of Serbia services, with state-owned instruments of labor. In May 1997, pursuant to amandments to the Law on communication systems, our company was organized as a holding – a group of companies comprising PE Post of Serbia and its spin-off subsidiaries. PE Post of Serbia is a mother company within the holding system. The same year, PE Post of Serbia founded a subsidiary for telecommunications services –Company for telecommunications 'Telekom Srbija' A.D. PE Post of Serbia is one of the founders and shareholders, i.e. stakehoders in: Company for telecommunications 'Telekom Srbija' A.D., Postal Savings Bank a.d. a, and in cooperation with them defines its basic business mission primarily concerning improvement of quality of services offered to end users. Share capital of PE Post of Serbia in its subsidiaries.
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