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Niger Poste is founded in Niger since the colonial period. Niger's accession to the International sovereignty August 3, 1960 led to the creation of the Office of Post and Telecommunications (OPT) by Law No. 70-78 of 27 August 1970. This status is maintained until 1996 to separate the activities of telecommunications, postal activities (following retreats held in August and September 1992) by Ordinance No. 96-28 of 6 June 1996 on the establishment of a public institution of national industrial and commercial office known as the Post Office and Savings (ONPE). Then in 2006 ONPE changed its status to become a Mixed Economy Company called Niger position. The 2005-21 Act of 28 June 2005 authorizing the conversion of the mixed economy in ONPE Company offered the organization a greater management autonomy in the exercise of its mission and dedicated the opening of capital to the private sector . However, to date only one staff position endorsed the Niger capital previously held by the State of Niger to 100%.
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