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With over 1000 staff and a wide range of missions, OPT-NC (New Caledonia Postal and Telecommunications Services) is one of the most important public institutions of New Caledonia, and plays a major role in the daily life of all inhabitants of the country. Its nationwide network covers the most isolated areas of the main island and of the Loyalty Islands. OPT-NC steadily continues to fulfil its public service mission and take an active role in town and country planning, by innovating and providing means of communication to as many people as possible. Its commercial network covers the whole Territory and comprises more than 50 branch post offices, 57 mobile postal services routes, 38 mail delivery rounds and 572 sales outlets (OPT and Mobilis retailers).
Number rule
(# -> Letter, * -> Digit, ! -> Letter Or Digit)
  • A#*********NC
  • C#*********NC
  • E#*********NC
  • L#*********NC
  • R#*********NC
  • S#*********NC
  • V#*********NC
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