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Maldives Post Supported
Maldivian postal service became a member of UPU on 15th August 1967, the organization of international postal administrations. On 1st July 1982 it became a member of Asia Pacific Postal Union, the organization of Asia Pacific Postal Organisations. On 13th June 1993 as a step taken to improve the postal services to the rest of the atolls, Atolls Post Centre was opened to centralize the mail exchange with the captains of the boats that traveled between the capital and the rest of the atolls. On 10th February 1994 introduction to electronic data interchange for the purpose of track and trace of postal items. Our vision is to provide a high quality mail service and other services at a standard and quality acceptable to all citizens an postal customers. To meet our customer's changing needs by providing new and innovative products and services through friendly and knowledgeable taff and efficient networks.
Number rule
(# -> Letter, * -> Digit, ! -> Letter Or Digit)
  • A#*********MV
  • C#*********MV
  • E#*********MV
  • L#*********MV
  • R#*********MV
  • S#*********MV
  • V#*********MV
  • GXA10*******
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