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LibanPost's persistent efforts gaining it the reputation of an efficient, quality-conscious, and accessible service provider. Throughout its young history, it has won several accolades, including the 2006 SuperBrand award for Brand Excellence, as well as the 2010 World Mail awards for both Innovation and Transformation, not to mention its selection as the Best Socially Interactive Platform for its innovative use of its Facebook page and Tatweej Academy award for excellence, Best Corporate Award from the Arab Organization for Social Responsability. In a country facing many challenges, LibanPost chooses to confront these issues and, through a winning combination of commitment and innovation, turn them into tangible opportunities for growth and development. Indeed, its goal is to become an essential partner that facilitates the day-to-day workings of today's world, determined unceasingly to fulfill every customer's expectation. More importantly, LibanPost aspires to being the right solution, no matter what situation may arise, transforming itself from a simple mail delivery service to becoming an intrinsic part of people's daily life.
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