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An Post is a major commercial organisation providing a wide range of services which encompass postal, distribution and financial services. It is one of Ireland's largest companies directly employing over 9,600 people through its national network of retail, processing and delivery points. It provides agency services for Government Departments, the National Treasury Management Agency, An Post National Lottery Company and many other commercial bodies. The company is a limited liability company, incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 to 1983. Under the Postal and Telecommunications Services Act, 1983, the Company is entitled to omit the word - 'Limited' from its name. One ordinary share is held by the Minister for Finance and the remainder of the issued share capital is held by the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. Details of the activities carried on by subsidiary, associated and joint venture undertakings, together with the information required by Section 158 of the Companies Act, 1963, are given in note 24 of the financial statements. Details of the results for the year are set out in the consolidated profit and loss account and in the financial statements.
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