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Honduras Post Supported
HONDUCOR is a legal entity entitled Decentralized Public-Private Sector of the Central Government, which operates basically generated by equity financing and counterparty transferred by the State for partial support of the 206 offices nationally pursuant to the agreement to United Nations to provide the Universal Postal Service (SPU) in the Honduran territories with the best possible quality. Being specialized company that provides postal services recognized and respected nationally and internationally, self-sufficient and competitive level that meets all locations of the country through its post, and promoter of modern technological innovation processes in their postal network surpassing well, expectations of domestic and foreign customers.
Number rule
(# -> Letter, * -> Digit, ! -> Letter Or Digit)
  • A#*********HN
  • C#*********HN
  • E#*********HN
  • L#*********HN
  • R#*********HN
  • S#*********HN
  • V#*********HN
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