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Posta is the postal service of the Faroe Islands and was founded on 1 April 1976 under the Home Rule of the Faroe Islands. On 16 December 2005, it became a public joint stock company under the name P/F Postverk Føroya (retroactive from 1 January 2005). About 290 clerks work for Posta. There are 34 post offices, and 90 postal carriers supporting the country's 17,000 households and 48,000 inhabitants. The Faroese name Postverk Føroya uses the genitive form of the country's name Føroyar (Faroes), thus Føroya without the final r. The name means literally 'Postal works of the Faroes', while the word for post or mail is postur. In 2010 Postverk Føroya changed name to Posta.
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