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The structures of Swiss Post Ltd are geared to the market. The Board of Directors is the most senior executive body at Swiss Post. It is responsible for implementing the strategic objectives set by the Federal Council and for ensuring provision of the universal service. Executive Management is responsible for operational management. Swiss Post operates according to clear principles: It pursues a vision which focuses on solid core values. The strategy and strategic thrusts are derived from this vision.
Number rule
(# -> Letter, * -> Digit, ! -> Letter Or Digit)
  • A#*********CH
  • C#*********CH
  • E#*********CH
  • L#*********CH
  • R#*********CH
  • S#*********CH
  • T#*********CH
  • U#*********CH
  • V#*********CH
  • ASCT00*******
  • *************B2C
  • ******************
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