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We are the Post Company Bolivia and work to give them the best care in postal services, money orders, stamps and other nationally and internationally. As members of the large network of world postal administrations (UPU - Universal Postal Union) reaching more than 189 countries on five continents with a wide variety of services as postales.Creada Supreme Decree No. 22616 dated October 8, 1990, subsequently was elevated to the rank of Republic Act No. 1424 dated January 29, 1993. In our country thanks to the coverage provided in the entire national territory, communicate to the Bolivian providing quality service, from traditional correspondence such as letters, postcards, magazines, braille letters, small packages and parcels optionally include a wide range of services additional to the shipment of large quantities of correspondences for small, medium and large businesses. 's Financial activity we have the wire service to everyone Bolivians through low fees and speed of your transfers.
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