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Burkina Faso Post (Sonapost) Supported
Burkina Faso's position in its current configuration is the result of a long process marked by many changes that have made her a successively stripping services of French posts, Senegalese and Ivorian posts, Burkina Faso, depending on the evolution the country itself. And independence, from 1919 to 1932, the postal, telephone and telegraph were operating authority under the responsibility of the farmer Lazare Pathin. Due to the postal monopoly, postal workers had the right to search cars, locomotives and ships, to detect violations of monopoly. Services voltaic stations then under Dakar. From 1932 to 1946 with the abolition of the Upper Volta and linkage to Mali, Niger and Côte d'Ivoire, the service will break up to be attached to his country. At the creation of the Lower Ivory Coast (now Cote d'Ivoire) and Upper Ivory Coast (now Burkina Faso), services stations Haute Côte d'Ivoire will be those of the Lower Shore d'Ivoire, which was home to the headquarters of the Branch. A section of staff were based in Bobo-Dioulasso.
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