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Barbados has one of the world's oldest postal services. In 1663, during the reign of Charles II, England's Imperial Post Office established a Packet Agency on the island.Barbados is only the second island in the British West Indies to establish an Inland Post Service by an Act of Parliament. The local Legislature passed the Post Office Act in 1851.Unlike the other Caribbean islands, British stamps were never used for domestic postage in Barbados. The first issue of 'Barbados' stamps was placed on sale on April 15th, 1852, when the local Post Office also commenced operations. It is this date on which the anniversary of the Inland Post is celebrated.An Act of Parliament in 1854, served to amalgamate the Imperial Packet Agency and the Inland Post Office. By 1858 the Packet Agency was abolished and all mail received became the responsibility of the Colonial Postmaster.
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