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Emirates Post Group manages the long-term and medium-term planning of its postal operational division and subsidiaries, which consist of Wall Street Exchange Center and Electronic Documents Centre. The Emirates Post Group constantly seeks to provide postal services and solutions that match the latest trends in global postal services, with a focus on making post offices one-stop shops that offer multiple services through a network over 115 post offices, driven by the goal of constantly raising customer satisfaction and adhering to principles of corporate social responsibility. The Group offers quality services under postal and non-postal categories. In Postal services, it provides personalized mailing solutions, local and international Express Mail, domestic and international courier services, money transfer (Instant Cash service and UPU's International Financial System). In non-postal services, the Group offers vital community services in prtnership with government agencies and private sector companies. The prtfolio includes Government services, utility bill payment services, financial services, travel services. The Group also offers corporates a unique service of Marketing Solutions, which include advertising through Post and Promotional Stamps.
Number rule
(# -> Letter, * -> Digit, ! -> Letter Or Digit)
  • A#*********AE
  • C#*********AE
  • E#*********AE
  • I#*********AE
  • L#*********AE
  • R#*********AE
  • S#*********AE
  • V#*********AE
  • EEFG*******AE
  • 1000000******
  • 1000001******
  • 1070004******
  • 1100000******
  • 1570004******
  • 1801016******
  • 1806016******
  • 1807016******
  • 1808016******
  • 2570000******
  • 6000000******
  • 9901705******
Shipment Tracking